Tree from pen and ink

Here is my tree, I have enjoyed it a lot. Thanks to our teacher Matt.


Looks good with the clumping and branches visible beneath. Maybe a bit darker on the lower right bit where the sun isn’t hitting would work? I don’t remember if that many branches were visible down low, up high. Though I’m sure you are sick of drawing little leaves, it’s not as bad as the Orchid for time sink though.

My version didn’t show as many branches and I should have left out more as you did but I kind of got into making clumps keeping light source right and forgetting to leave room for branches, so consider the source here. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

The grass underneath looks good too, I didn’t do parallel lines at all and even included the clumps of trees in the far distance off to the right which the tutorial clipped off. So it’s a bit different and I can’t find a picture of it, need to dig out that book and snap one if you’re curious.

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Yes too dark on the right side, true. I was having fun and forgot to stop jajaja.

I was thinking the right side was too light. I suppose that balances out to getting it just right. :smiley: