Wed nite live class/watercolor/landscape

This is my little corner this morning at 3am and couldn’t stop, so I probably messed this one up lol…I kinda like it, but the class isn’t even finished and it is nothing like what Matt is teaching and doesn’t look anything like the picture :confused:
But I kinda like it…I should re-start and be patient :slight_smile: !
this is on 140# Arches…using M Graham tubes…I think I take out
my frustrations on watercolor lol these colors seem too dark…sighs…
I still need ideas on improving a small art corner.
…what say you??? 20200329_063258|375x500


I do that too,go ahead and when the class is finished I sometimes try and go over mine. Its never like Matts but its mine. I havent started this class yet and you have given me a few ideas how to proceed. The sky,mountains and brush all have a unique style and i like it. tom

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thank you Tom. I know that i need to slow down, but sometimes, depending on my mood, (NOT that i’m moody nor anything ha), I tend to get too rushed or perhaps frustrated as I don’t see what i want to see.
I do think because of this it may be time to try oils on the side…
I had thought it to be good to do one medium at a time.
Listening to Matt, I believe that he is right about getting the basics so to be able to do any medium.
I’ve been pretty moody lately…

Hi Isa! Patricia Pulinckx here. We are both often in the live lesson chat box. Although I am fortunate enough to have a room where my art corner is, it is also packed with many other things (it acts as a pantry, library, storage for my sewing materials, etc.). I have a very small desk (shallow) so I improved my work surface by placing my computer screen on a wall mount that can be oriented as desired. I added a rolling drawer unit where I keep some of my smaller supplies such as charcoal, nib pens, rulers, erasers etc. Finally, I got a a tall 9-drawer unit where all my art supplies go (tools and spare paintbrushes in one, pastels in another, watercolor and gouache in the next, etc.). On the floor, I have a storage footstool in which I keep all my paper tablets. If your space is very limited, the best recommendation would be to make use of the walls as much as possible to free up your work area. If you are like me, when my work area becomes crowded, I become frustrated and overwhelmed - as if I felt attacked by the mess! :wink: I totally understand your comment about the patience. It is difficult for me as well to sloooowwww down and go step by step (especially when painting). However, I do like your strong colors. Why shouldn’t a watercolor be bold and intense? After all, gouache is always used in that manner and it is nothing but watercolor (without the transparency). I like the fact you added some birds in the sky. If you do decide to restart this one, it would be fun to see the second version. “See” you at the next live lesson!

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This is your style. It looks like what Matt is doing. It is you art and this is the out come. I love it!

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Thanks for taking time to respond, Denise. Yes, I am starting to see this type in several paintings now…
I had originally thought it to be just me being impatient, but notice that i just have to have a certain rhythm and color, shade, highlights…(which i’m still working on) and need several more colors…

Wow! Great ideas! I will look them over carefully!
Yes, patience seems to be good sometimes, and others, i just want to get it done!
So, why i say “moody”…sighs…
Well, I find that it is best to walk away and only do bits and pieces…
Also, I have not practiced much as my hubby’s schedule and mine just
are complex…(my excuse?)
Other issues as well…
But, for the first time in life I am trying to
focus on Art.
Many thanks for your input…:

I do plan on a re-do on the 300#…Remembering how nicely the waters “melt” into it!
Thanks for this encouragement!