Wee Sma' Landscapes

Here are a couple of wee sma’ landscapes which I did in the wee sma’ hours of the morning. I could not sleep, so at 2:00 a.m. I found myself playing with my pastels.
These are 5×7. Much smaller than I like to do, but I had a couple of pieces of leftover paper to use up. The first one is just a grassy field and the second one is a live oak with spanish moss, a common enough scene here in the south.

After I posted them on my site, the picture of the live oak sold immediately.


I Love your Wee Sma’ Landscapes. When I was going to art school there was an artist who lived across the street from me. He would do VERY detailed paintings. When he framed them, he would add something on the frame that was depicted the picture was about. For instance, if he was painting something to do with a railroad, he would glue a toy rail on it. He said that one year the Piedmont Art Festival hounded him to enter again. So to just shut them up about it, he entered his drawing board and won a ribbon for it. When they asked him about what the picture meant to him he told them that it was his drawing board. They did not like that too much. LOL! He had won a lot of ribbons before that and he really just did not want to be in another show. LOL!


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Wondeful. You did a great job in all of them.