Your graphite drawings

A sketch made while my subject was busy, but always up and down changing usb ports at the back of the screen. Graphite augmented with fineliner and some Aquarelle graphite pencils. I find I love to return to these media.


Hello Marina, I hope you are well and still drawing. I also hope that your posting collective results in some community critiquing (should that have an /e/?) In response to your invitation, I have completed “Marguerite” from a tiny part of a larger group of folks. This lovely lady has since Passed On. When I use photo resources, I wonder whether I can re-pose the subject. After all, before photography artists must draw lots of sketches of the subject before committing to final outcome, and possibly they did not always have the subject on hand to check on their representation. In the case of Marguerite, I have only the one snap, so I could not see her from differing perspectives. I wonder how, if one has lots of photos, to draw a likeness of the subject that is not any of the actual photograph. …

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Hi All! I don’t know why my picture is not vertical, but I’d love to get some feedback :slight_smile:



You have done a beautiful job, really captured the reflection in the eye. Is this a hawk? If so, it feels like the beak may be a little small. I really enjoy drawing birds and animals but do get them mixed up at times.

I love your lion, he has so much expression on his face- he looks very regal and yet slightly annoyed or perplexed at the same time.

I have tried another hawk.


Very nice job on the portrait. I am still getting the nerve up. I have a couple I have practiced on so will try to get them up here for critiques. I like the blur between the contour lines of the portrait and the background as well as the darker oval background. The lines lead the eyes back to your main subject,

I really enjoy Matts critiques and all I have learned from him. I hope to receive critiques of other graphite drawings.

Here is my very first attempt of a portrait by observation and measuring with my pencil. Critiques are welcome. I found this picture on Pixabay

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Lovely drawing. I feel you captured the texture of the hair especially well and that the skintone is well translated in this drawing. I think you could probably push the dark areas a little more and then darken the left side of the face (where it is currently the lightest). It appears a little “washed out” on that side - but perhaps it is just the photograph that gives that impression. It is a very well done drawing - I have seen th photograph that you used for inspiration and I find that you have made this portrait your own - lovely!

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Thank you, I’m glad you saw so much in his face. Thanks again Larry

Thank you, Patricia. Your opinion and suggestions mean a lot to me. I will makes the changes you suggested and then repost it here. I hope that you will see it to continue critiquing this and other pieces I may post.

I as so glad to be a part of the virtual Instructor.

Again, Thank you!


I have an idea for a painting/drawing have not decided the medium but have started practicing on some parts of it. Here is a bicycle I have sketched out. Suggestions are welcome!
bicycle 2

I am of two minds on this one. One the one hand, I see a beautiful greek wall with a blue bicycle… on the other, I see an old bicycle, still functional, but rusted sitting against a concrete wall. I don’t know which way I would go if I were to pick that image. What size would you like it to be? I guess that could also dictate what medium you might select.
By the way, I love the sketch. Good luck!


What do you think about the bicycle leaning on a fence, the blue one, with two children bicycles leaning against a tree boarding a path that goes to a field in the distance where three children, one older of course, are either flying kites or kicking around a ball? I still have other parts of the drawing, like the other two bikes and the completed sketch to work out.

Although I do like both of your ideas. I really appreciate the opportunity to have ideas and projects critiqued here of the VI forum. It has helped me out so much.

Thanks for all of your good ideas and advice. I was thinking with the kids playing a little larger, maybe 11 x 14. If I do one of your ideas, which both have given me something to think about, I would maybe do it 8 x 10, could be larger if I find the correct Greek building for it to be in front of.with the blue bike. I am liking this idea.

Thank you, Teri

I like your idea, much more developed than the single bike. Children at play are always fun and bicycles are often part of their fun. I would go for kites (just because I like the subject). I am looking forward to seeing your final decision.
Have fun!

Thank you Patricia. I am looking at getting started on it too!

I like Patricia’s remarks … I think a blue or red bicycle as the main subject and the background muted - like some photos that accentuate the subject from the background. I’ve see some good examples on this site with that process.

Lenora Andre
lilnora -

Thank you Lilnora, I have definitely decided to go in color. Still pondering the ideas that Patricia gave me with what my original thoughts were and maybe how to incorporate them together. I will see how it goes. I do like muted backgrounds.


Can’t wait to see what you come up with.


Thank you, Lenora.

The communication and encouragement here on the forum is so helpful and inspiring. I am so glad I found this site. Thank you for helping to inspire me to push forward.


My sketch of an eagle with graphite pencils