Introduce Yourself Here!

Welcome @Ken_H. I’m glad to hear you’ve got into a better place with your art. There’s nothing like having the support of the people around you! :framed_picture: :art:

Thank you! The support and feedback here is amazing. Everything on the site has been great to go through. The membership is worth every penny to me.

Hi @Ken_H ! Welcome to the community, we’re always learning! Keep sharing your art! Jesus loves you!!!

Hello everyone⎝ツ⎠
I am Jura Kuba, Germany based Lithuanian self-taught artist. I’ve tried few painting technics earlier, but recently I discovered oil painting. I am fascinated!!! I paint birds, cows and people, still life and life, so serious as it is.
It seems I need critics most of all :slight_smile: And of course, your good company :slight_smile:


Ken, I must agree with you the membership is worth every penny. I have learned so much as a self-taught “artist” going through the courses, live lessons, and especially the weekly critiques. I have looked at almost everyone from the beginning and there are so many treasures to learn and apply to our own artwork.

Welcome to the community and membership. Look forward to seeing some of your artwork.


Love your bird! I am always impressed with self taught artists. I am so thankful I found Virtual Instructor. It has made my art journey a pleasure and encouraged me to continue. Glad you are part of our community.

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I am not an oil painter but have been wanting to learn so I cannot critique from painting experience, but I can say that I really like the personality you gave the bird, lovely and a bit curious I would say. Maybe a thought could be that the background a little lighter but what do I really know? I hope someone else chimes in for you, I just really enjoy the personality you have given the bird. I look forward to seeing more of your artwork.


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Hey Patricia! Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:
I am still clarifying how this forum is organised here. For example, I’d like to see your works :slightly_smiling_face: but I is still not clear.

Hi Terry! Nice to hear from you :slightly_smiling_face: And thanks. Regarding background… I’m taking your note fofr future :slight_smile:

I haven`t posted very much since becoming a member. But you can see them by searching the following titles in the Share your art category: Apache in graphite and I was feeling peachy but I opted for pears. I recently started using soft pastels and fell in love with them, but I still love graphite. I have tried water mixable oils but never finished the project (based on a lesson Still life in oil lead by Ashley). I will some day. If you are a member of Virtual Instructor, you will love your membership.
Welcome aboard.

Thank you! I will be posting more in the future as I try new things. The feedback and encouragement is so welcomed.

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Hi Kuba. This bird is great. I enjoy the touch of humor with the necktie. Oil painting (or any painting for that matter) seems difficult to me. One day I’ll have to try tackling a painting. Please keep sharing your work, it is encouraging and nice to see.

I’ve had the membership for a year and have just been taking in. Now I’ll make the effort more to post so I can get tips and advice from the community.

Hello @Kuba! So nice to welcome ANOTHER member to this awesome community of artists! Your oil painting is beautiful, feathers are difficult(in my opinion) to render, so well done! I hope we see more of your work soon! Jesus loves you!!!

Good morning! Thanks for comming, thanks for your attention :slight_smile:

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Hi from Oklahoma , All my life i have been loving art. I started out with color pencils , then just pencils, then stop for a long time due to life. Now, got plenty of time started painting and loving it.


Welcome. It’s a great community here. I’m looking forward to a time I have more time to devote to my art. Not too many years to go until I retire. Yay!!


Hi, I’m Tracey. I like drawing with graphite an colored pencils. Looking forward to learning more techniques!


Hi! Welcome to the forums! Hope we see some of your art soon :grin: Jesus loves you!!!

Hi there @Tracey17 ! Colored pencils are awesome! There are so many people with different styles, there’s something to learn from everyone! Jesus loves you!!!