Pug with toy, Prismacolor pencils

I love my pugs. I named this one Toy Dog. I don’t name most of them, but this one called for it. The pug is a toy dog, the toy is a dog. Lol. Background totally made up, went shopping on Amazon for pillow designs. Wish I had made the pattern pillow plain, but I have to live with it as is. I also had to put up with pillow adds for days. Lol. He loves this toy and he was looking so cute to me, I had to try to capture it.


So beautiful and so cute!

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Love the eyes and the wrinkles!

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Lori I think this is excellent! And I like the background, it’s a nice contrast to the dogs. I also like the way you did the fur of the toy compared to the fur on the pug. You can easily tell that it’s a toy. The level of detail is incredible! You have a wonderful talent.

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Your attention to detail is impressive! The linear and curved pillow details are very good right down to the stitching on the top of the blue and white striped one. The piping on the upholstery is excellent. I love the expression you’ve captured on your little pugs face. I believe he loves that somewhat flatten-with-play stuffed toy.

Plus, use of blue and gold complements is very soothing and your pug looks absolutely real!!

Thank you Ginny, I think that is an awesome compliment!

Thank you Brunella. I really appreciate your comment, especially for the eyes. I try so hard to get the right expression and it is so much in the eyes. So thank you again for picking those out.

Nancy! Thank you so much for your nice critique. It makes me feel better about my pillows. The toy was a challenge, I didn’t want it to look like the pug. I used the exact same colors for both which made it even more important to make it look different.

Thank you Suzy, you also make me feel better about the pillows. He takes that toy everywhere. He is so sweet, He makes a great model! We are currantly at our National Pug Specialty, over 300 pugs here. I see pictures everywhere, lol.

Those eyes get me, you really captured a personality with those eyes!

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