Stan the Chimp-Pencil

I did lesson 3 but watched last night. If Matt gets the recording up before Tuesday, I will try and catch up. I will miss the next 3 lessons! But hopefully can get caught up when back from vacation.


That’s looking great, June! Thanks for posting. I’m also waiting for the last lesson to post. Isn’t it amazing how the face just pops right out at you? Good job!!

And I’m jealous of that upcoming vacation! :steam_locomotive:


Thanks! I want to do a blog post of my trip but according to my daughter that is old school. Haha. I think I will do a travelogue and then will tell people to email me if they want a copy :grinning::grinning:

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I’ll definitely want to see it!!

And don’t you just love the colors that are happening on StanFranCisco? :wink: :orangutan:

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Thank you, Alice, how is yours coming along? I look forward to seeing yours too!



I also definitely want to see it!!

Yes, where technology is concerned, I am an antique - lol!!

I am starting over, with a new and improve Stan from the 21 century.


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I was not happy with the cheap 12 watercolor pencil set and still waiting on the Derwent set to come in. Wanted to catch up, so decided to do this one in inktense. My first watercolor process. It is definitely more of a challenge since my colors are not the same as what Matt is using.